kitayumeraws (kitayumeraws) wrote,

Missing Pics and Information

This is a place to post any images from any strips that either aren't listed on the site at all or are marked as not having any images available for them at all.

This project is able to stay alive both by the general Kitayume fandom and the Hetalia and Chibi-san fandoms. These images are not being distributed for profit, and as they were originally available online, they will be available for free online once more. Please do not post any images from the published Chibi-san Date strips or volumes.

EDIT: Recently suffered a huge info loss, and we are missing information on strip names and info for Kitakou PURE (and they're unpublished chapters) among others. If you have any info please post it below as well, whether it be in Japanese (preferred) or English. A Livejournal Account is not required to respond to this post or any other made by kitayumeraws.
Tags: advance! kitakou broadcasting club, advance! kitakou broadcasting club pure, barjona bombers, bubutan, chibi-san date, live-a-live, moekan, okinawa heart, shimojirou, uncategorized comics
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